Community concerned minority students will be left behind by virtual learning

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Virtual learning for Metro students will continue through at least fall break, but News4 has learned all students are not getting what they need. A local advocacy group said it’s affecting Black and brown families the most.

Many parents were hoping to send their kids back to school in a couple of weeks. The biggest problem, some said, is their kids don’t have everything they need for virtual learning and they can’t afford to buy it.

Those parents say more needs to be done to make sure all students are getting the resources that they need.

“We can’t stop fighting and demanding that all children have what they need until every child in every zip code has what they need,” said Sonya Thomas, Executive Director of Nashville Propel and parent of two children in Metro Schools.

Thomas said those suffering the most are Black and brown students. Many of them who can’t afford all the resources they need to learn from home.

Metro Schools said it has loaned out nearly 45,000 laptops and thousands of hot spots to students anf families to provide them everything they need.

Thomas said that’s not good enough.

“Who are they asking? Are they asking people in more affluent communities? Even I’m seeing they don’t all have what they need,” said Thomas.

School Board member Fran Bush wants kids back in the classroom.

“I think we’ve missed a lot of opportunity and it’s time to get it together,” said Bush.

In the meantime, she said she’s doing everything she can to ensure students in low-income communities have everything they need.

“It’s not working, and the teachers are doing a great job,” said Bush. “They’re doing everything they can to keep those students engaged, but it’s just not enough.”


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