Daughter: To whoever wrote threatening letters, we’ll find you

Dotty Duggin died after a brief battle with cancer. (WSMV)

The daughter of a deceased Woodbury city alderman is vowing to keep up the pressure until whoever wrote her mother, and other women in Cannon County, threatening anonymous letters is exposed.

Chrissy Vaughn is the daughter of Dotty Duggin, a longtime city alderman, who died unexpectedly from a brief battle with cancer in October.

“Do you remember what you said to her at the end?” the News 4 I-Team asked

“That I love you. And I’ll do everything you asked me to do,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn said before Duggin died, she watched from her hospital room the I-Team’s latest investigation into County Executive Mike Gannon locking the courthouse while a TBI agent tried to serve a search warrant.

“She (Duggin) was awake then, and she said, ‘I really hope he (the I-Team) finds out who did that (sent the threatening letters),’” Vaughn said.

Duggin was one of the three women identified by the I-Team who received threatening, anonymous letters after publicly criticizing the county government.

Our investigation also uncovered audio of Cannon County executive Mike Gannon and Alderman Adam Melton discussing the letters in detail, even before one of the letters was even sent out.

At one point in the audio, Gannon asks Melton if he wants to know who sent the letter, and Melton said he doesn’t’ want to know.

“I take it very seriously because that's my mother. And when you're sending it to the other women in the town, it's bullying the women in Cannon County. It's like saying - you're a woman, you just need to shut your mouth. You don't know what you're talking about,” Vaughn said.

After her mother’s death, Vaughn turned to Facebook to post the letter her mother received, writing, “You’re welcome Mom…DNA doesn’t lie.”

While the I-Team reported that the TBI did serve a search warrant on Gannon, it is unknown if the TBI is seeking a sample of Gannon’s DNA.

“If you did have a message for whoever wrote that letter, what would it be?” the I-Team asked.

“Just because my mom is gone, we're not. We're here, and we're going to find out who you are,” Vaughn said.

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