Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter.

It's not how Chester Cichewicz wants to stay warm in today's freezing temperatures in Michigan.

“It's about 20 or 25 degrees,” said Cichewicz.

Instead of using space heaters, he expected to be warmed by a furnace.

After all, eight months ago, he paid in full for a new furnace made by a Tennessee company.

Today, he still doesn't have it.

“They said we would deliver by September and drop it right on your driveway,” said Cichewicz.

And he's not alone.

A complaint made to the state shows another customer paid $5,500 for a furnace that he still doesn't have.

In fact, more than a dozen complaints have been made to the Better Business Bureau about Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces in the last 12 months.

“There were many times where I thought we just threw that money away,” said Shaunda Haning.

Tim and Shaunda Haning in Ohio say they also were told if they paid in full, they'd have in it delivered in two months.

It took eight months to finally arrive all while they were paying on a loan.

“I was paying interest for months on something I didn't own,” said her husband Tim Haning.

What we found when we went to Tennessee Outdoor Furnace company in Shelbyville was a BBB sticker on their door.

Despite the sticker, the company actually isn't accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

And their BBB rating is an “F.”

When we tried to get answers no one would come to the front door or the back gate.

“I still have questions about why it’s taking so long for this customer to get his furnace,” said Bramson.

The owner agreed to an interview multiple times only to back out last minute.

Terry York, the owner then sent a text message saying customers were rewarded with substantial discounts for waiting for their furnaces to be manufactured.

We checked and nowhere on the website does it state that.

On the invoice, it only reads it will be delivered when they are coming through the area but there is no specific date.

"I feel like they should not be in business anymore,” said Cichewicz and his daughter.

The takeaway here is get a delivery date in writing. The owner is now saying Cichewicz will have his furnace by the end of the week.

News4 I-Team is going to stay on top of this and see if that happens.

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