MADISON, Tenn. (WSMV) -- Roaches spotted in a local McDonald’s, right where people were standing to order food.

The viewer who took the pictures did not wish to be named, but told News4 she counted about ten roaches on the floor and near the drink machines at the McDonald's on Gallatin Pike South on Tuesday afternoon.

“That seems like that’s just normal for them,” Madison resident Nicole Spivey said. “It’s disgusting but it’s not really unbelievable from the times I’ve been there.”

News4 went into the restaurant on Wednesday and also spotted roaches near the counter.

“I’ve eaten there a couple times myself and I won’t return,” Madison resident Paul Pleiman said. “I’d like to know how many there are where I can’t see.”

A Metro Public Health Department inspection report from July 20, 2018 shows roaches were found in the basement, kitchen and office hall. It said a pest control company had recently visited the restaurant, and that pest control should come out within 10 days for another inspection. News4 asked a spokesperson for McDonald’s if that happened but they were unable to respond.

The McDonald’s did score a 98 during a November 2, 2018 inspection, but customers say the roaches appear to be back now and they’re visible.

The Health Department says the U.S. Food Code that they follow has changed regarding the presence of roaches because they are not considered a significant threat to food-borne illness.

However, the Health Department says the presence of roaches in a restaurant is a violation and is cause for concern, adding, roaches or other insects would be considered a cleanliness issue and may be an indication of other potential problems.

Grayco Management, which owns the McDonald's, sent News4 this statement on Wednesday:

We are committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality in our restaurants, and the health and safety of our guests and employees are a top priority for us. We take customer concerns seriously and are investigating this claim.

Adding in a Friday statement:

Serving customers safe, high-quality food is a priority for our restaurants. We are committed to working alongside the Health Department to ensure our restaurants remain a safe environment for our customers.

The owner of the McDonald's was not available to speak with News4. A manager at the location told News 4, corporate visited the location Friday morning for a thorough cleaning.

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Brittany Weiner joined the News4 team as a reporter in July 2018.

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