Former criminal court clerk David Torrence resigned after what the Channel Four I-Team uncovered.

Now we have big news about what happens to the two sons he hired.

The interim head of the criminal court clerk's office is making big moves, getting rid of some positions, changing pay for others, and re-evaluating every single person's pay scale.

The Channel Four I-Team's undercover video is now credited with creating outcry that led to criminal court clerk David Torrence leaving office. Torrence admitted back in April to working only three days a week most weeks of the year. And the I-Team's later investigations found Torrence kept a similar sporadic schedule the last several years.

Even after Torrence resigned, his two sons, 30-year-old Joshua and 28-year-old Joey Torrence, continued to work in the same jobs their father gave them, until Tuesday.

"When you use your father's influence to gain a position that can go away very, very quickly," said metro Councilman Charlie Tygard.

Tuesday the interim head of the criminal court clerk's office, Tommy Bradley, eliminated Joshua Torrence's position.

"I commend Mr. Bradley for making that decision. Tax payers were outraged when elected officials hire their sons at inflated salaries," said Tygard.

The Channel Four I-Team has learned Torrence created a position for Josh on his Information Technology staff, and paid him $55,000 a year. But Bradley said the office already had two IT members and an entire metro IT department.

Josh actually has not yet been contacted by the clerk's office about his position being eliminated. The reason has to do with text messages.

Josh texted his supervisor last week, "I have a job opportunity tomorrow. Need to start vacation."

Josh simply left work Wednesday, and as far as Bradley knows, he is still gone.

As for Josh's younger brother, Joey, he is still employed at the clerk's office and works the front desk. But Bradley reduced his pay from the $47,000 Torrence gave him to the $32,000 he made in his previous job.

"I think Mr. Bradley has given some confidence back to tax payers that that office is ready to be run in an efficient manner," said Tygard.

Next week, Tygard plans to fight against Torrence receiving his set $80,000 a year in pension. Tygard said because Torrence did not work the amount he was supposed to, he should not get the full pension pay.

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