Some scary crimes on lower Broadway have locals rethinking their weekend plans.

In the past week, there have been reports of phone stolen and a sexual assault at a new country bar.

It’s no secret criminals target touristy areas because they want to catch people who are vulnerable in unfamiliar territory.

One local woman told News4 she is well aware of that, so she took a ton of precautions when she went to Jason Aldean’s last Saturday and still was a victim.

Katie Rall says she wasn’t event drinking that night, but when she reached in her purse for her phone to call a Lyft, she noticed her phone wasn’t there.

It wasn’t long after that her two other friends noticed wallets and phones were missing.

Then she went through social media and connected with several others who say they had their phones stolen that night, and two others who said they caught two men in the act, reaching in their purses.

“It's just disappointing I think because I was following all of the tips, I was doing everything I was supposed to do and this still happened,” said Rall.

Metro Police said it only received two reports of stolen phones that night.

Rall is currently out of town but said she does plan to file a report when she gets back.

Even scarier, just before 1 a.m. Thursday police said a man sexually assaulted a woman on the second floor. Christopher Keel was arrested on sexual battery charge.

The report said the woman was slapped so hard on her behind, it left a bruise.

“Unfortunately I think it's not isolated to Jason Aldean’s bar. I think the pressure is on there right now because of the number of incidents that happened this past week. This isn't a new thing on Broadway,” said Rall.

A bar manager said on any given weekend nearly 1,000 phones are found in that bar.

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Liz Lohuis joined the News4 team as a general assignment reporter in January 2016.

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