NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The search Wednesday night for a missing man took a turn. MNPD said they’ve switched their focus to the Cumberland River in their efforts to locate 28-year-old Dakota Bingham.

This change comes after police said a new surveillance video shows a man, believed to be Bingham, struggling to stay afloat in the river. He was last seen late Sunday night leaving an East Nashville bar.

Family is searching for Dakota Bingham who has been missing since this weekend.

Police said a helicopter crew was flying over the river today from downtown Nashville to the Cheatham County line. Bingham’s friends said the latest development is devastating.

“You want to be positive and hope and pray for the best, but if you are using your logical sense, it does not look good,” Alexis Johnisee said.

Johnisee wiped away tears Wednesday after MNPD announced that they believe new video shows Bingham, her close friend, struggling to stay afloat in the Cumberland River. The video was taken after midnight Monday following a night of drinking with friends.

“I really don’t want this to be brushed under the rug, like a drunk kid walked into a river to swim across,” Johnisee said. “We don’t know that. To brush it off like that… What if something did happen?”

Police said they searched the river by air Wednesday for any sign of Bingham. After Johnisee learned this, she went to the river herself this evening and found Bingham’s wallet near the Marathon dock.

Dakota Bingham was last seen late Sunday night in East Nashville.

“All of his cards are still in there, and cash is still in there,” Johnisee said.

Johnisee said she was with Bingham at Noble’s Kitchen and Beer Hall Sunday night, where his friends saw him last. Friends said surveillance shows him walking down Main Street just after leaving Noble’s. Video later showed him nearby at the TA truck stop near the river around midnight. “Still, I am just hoping there is some other ending to this story that is not the bad one,” Johnisee said.

At this time, police are not releasing the surveillance video they said shows a man, believed to be Bingham, in the water.


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