NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The daily number of coronavirus infections in Nashville continues to trend upwards.

The Music City is averaging 143 new cases each day in Davidson County alone.

The Metro Public Health Department announced there are 8,644 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Davidson County. This was an increase of 239 total cases in the past 24 hours. The health department said there are 8,634 confirmed cases.

While the city economy continues to make progress, leaders continue to plead with Nashvillians to take personal responsibility and wear a mask.

"We have let our guard down over the past few weeks, Nashville. And because of this we could have the virus spread even more throughout our community,” Dr. Alex Jahangir, who is the Chair of the Metro Coronavirus Task Force, said.

Metro Public Health said the most infections are coming from workplaces and shared living arrangements.

Health officials said the virus is most often being passed by contact with a sick housemate or family member and by individuals attending larger social gatherings with friends and family where safety precautions are sometimes dismissed.

Officials were asked if they would consider reversing-course and closing businesses again, if the transmission rate continues to climb.

"I think that we would always be strategic in looking at how the virus is spreading in the community and we would take appropriate action as we see fit, based on what we're seeing with the data,” Dr. Gill Wright with Metro Nashville Public Health Department said.

On Monday, Nashville entered Phase Three of its economic reopening. The city will remain in this phase for at least 28 days while city leaders consider their next move to address the pandemic.


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