Councilman wants to develop around Donelson train station

Metro Councilman Jeff Syracuse wants to develop a community centered around transit. (WSMV)

A Metro Councilman wants Donelson to be the first to develop a community centered around transit, taking advantage of the existing transportation in the area.

Instead of “park and ride,” a local would be able to walk out the front door and hop on a bus or onto the Music City Star.

District 15 Councilman Jeff Syracuse wants to build up Donelson’s transit station, turning it into more than a bus or commuter rail stop.

“The private development around the (Music City Star) stations continue to happen, and so Donelson is the next piece of that,” said Syracuse. “This is going to help us trigger that vision we put in place almost 10 years ago.”

The councilman is proposing a redevelopment plan that turns the parking lot for MTA/RTA into retail and housing. The plan would incorporate the existing long-term transportation outline called nMotion.

“We need more affordable workforce housing and we need smart growth. If we’re going to continue to grow, we need to do it in the right way,” said Syracuse.

Bus rider Tony Jordan came to Nashville from Chicago. He likes the idea of more access.

“Then you allow people who are stagnant in an area to get to other areas where there’s commerce developing,” said Jordan. “You guys don’t get it. In 10 years, this place is going to be amazing if you let everybody get a piece.”

The potential is there for Donelson to pave the way toward a more transit-oriented Nashville, Syracuse said.

“We are putting together basically a template that folks can use around Davidson County and throughout the state,” the councilman said.

The redevelopment plan comes up for a public hearing at the Metro Council meeting Tuesday.

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