NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - An investigation is launching into what caused a crane to topple in Dallas.

The crash killed one woman and destroyed the homes of several people living in an apartment complex.

The crash happened during a storm Sunday with wind gusts passing 71 miles per hour.

Do Nashville residents have concerns about cranes after what happened in Dallas?

According to the Nashville Business Journal's Crane Watch, there are 187 projects currently underway in Nashville. That means there's a whole lot of cranes. 

"There's three, four, five cranes here," said Scott Huff, walking through an obstacle course at his Crawford Custom Consulting site in Spring Hill. "Our tower crane is a remote-control crane. There's very little room for error in these courses."

Crane operators come to the spot for training.

"Every operator as of last year has to have a certified operator license," said Huff.

The company also serves as third party inspectors at construction sites, making sure as a crane goes up all bolts and pins are in place. They also ensure nothing's bent and there's no rust, cracks or breaks in the machinery.

"Each part goes up, each part gets looked at," said Huff. "It needs to be inspected while they're being built."

Huff said he doesn't have the details to weigh in on what went wrong in Dallas. He said cranes can usually handle a lot of wind. His training covers something very important.

"When you know there is a storm coming or every time you leave the crane for the weekend, you put it in a mode called weather vane and the crane will blow with the wind," he said.

Huff said in a city with as many cranes as Nashville, all these preparations are vital.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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