A contest by StreetBlogUSA has a Music City bus stop making the Top 8 of "sorriest bus stops" in the nation.

The MTA stop is at the corner of Murfreesboro Pike and Bowwood Court.

The bus stop on Murfreesboro Pike near Bowwood Court was picked as one of the worst in the nation. (WSMV)

At the stop, there's a guardrail to sit on or a small shoulder to stand, right next to a very active Murfreesboro Pike. There's no shelter to protect people from the elements either.

Cheyenne Goddard know the dangers of trying to get from this bus stop on Murfreesboro Pike, to her next destination.

“It's horrible! People don't slow down!” said Goddard. “Sometimes people will serve into this part (near the stop), and it's unsafe.”

Goddard said this bus stop is definitely a "sorry” one.

“Horrible! Most every bus stop has at least a bench. Even if it's horrible bench, there's a bench,” she said.

Nora Kern with Walk Bike Nashville submitted this bus stop for the nation-wide contest. She hoped by doing so it would help campaign for safety improvements.

Six pedestrians have been hit on this stretch of Murfreesboro Pike since 2013.

“You have people standing on the curb with cars going by at 45 miles an hour,” said Kern. “We have to address pedestrian safety on these corridors, because that's where people are dying.”

MTA said this stop and others need drastic improvements. The stop averages five boardings a day. MTA said given that small number and its location, the stop is prime for "review."

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Edward Burch joined News4 at a reporter in December 2016. Edward currently covers growth stories in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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