KNOXVILLE (WSMV) - Even Brian Wallace’s four-year-old son knew they were in trouble, when on April 7, the brakes on his Ford F150 pickup went out on Interstate 40 west of Knoxville.

“He was like asking me questions like, ‘Daddy, is everything OK, what's going on?’ I just said, I'm just trying to stop the truck son,” Wallace said.

Wallace is among the Tennesseans who have recently complained to NHTSA about their brakes failing in their 2015/2016 Ford F150s.

Because traffic was light the day his brakes failed, Wallace said he was able to get off the interstate by using his emergency brakes and not hurt anyone, but he worried what would have happened if the failure occurred during rush hour.

“I could have killed myself, my son or other people in a heartbeat with what happened with my truck,” Wallace said.

Wallace is among the more than 300 people nationwide who have filed complaints with NHTSA about brake failures.

When News4 Investigates first exposed the problem last year, there were only 200.

The complaints all state that brake fluid is draining out of the master cylinder and into another compartment.

The 2013 and 2014 models of the truck were recalled, but not the 2015/2016.

News4 Investigates reached out to Ford to inquire what if anything is being done now that there are more than 300 complaints, but a spokeswoman only sent a statement nearly identical to what they sent us last year.

The only different was they added the word “continue.”

“We continue to cooperate with NHTSA, as we always do. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and utilize data to determine which vehicles are included in recalls. When the data indicates a recall is needed, we act quickly on behalf of our customers. We recommend owners experiencing an issue to contact their dealer or Ford customer service,” wrote Ford spokeswoman Hallie Robinson.

News4 Investigates continues to constantly read the records made public in NHTSA’s database, and noted that the government hasn’t filed any new requests for information since last year.

A spokesman for NHTSA would only say that their investigation remains open.

News4 Investigates will continue to ask questions about this problem and look for solutions.

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