Eight days after a Nashville nurse was murdered in her condo, a man is in jail Thursday charged with her death.

Tiffany Ferguson's family said they're thankful someone is in custody, but they know it will never bring the 23-year-old back. There are still lots of questions surrounding how Metro police got this far.

Ferguson's suspected killer, 24-year-old Christopher McLawhorn, is on suicide watch, according to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office.

It has been a trying time for the city after Ferguson's murder. People who live and work in the Wedgewood area said they feel some relief.

"I was a little bit on edge after that up until he got caught," said Rebekah Adler, who works across the street from Wedgewood Park.

About 100 yards from Ferguson's condo is a greenspace where Donnie Gordon sometimes hangs out with his friends. He's homeless.

"I hope the people of Nashville and the people moving in don’t get the wrong impression about homeless people, because it ain't that way," Gordon said.

Gordon said he spends time in the area because he catches the bus on 8th Avenue to go to Nashville Rescue Mission. He said he has seen McLawhorn around the neighborhood.

"I've seen his face, but I have never associated with the man. I never wanted to associate with him," Gordon said.

Gordon said he feels relieved to know McLawhorn is behind bars.

"If he just wanted material property, he should have just taken it and left, but to get violent with her and take a life, he was out of order," Gordon said.

After Ferguson was stabbed to death in her Wedgewood park condo on Feb. 28, Metro police worked day and night to find the man in the surveillance video. Detectives followed tips, leading them to McLawhorn. They believe it is him in the security footage the morning of Ferguson's murder looking to break into cars and homes.

"He was actually found in the early morning hours of Sunday by the Central Precinct officers," said Don Aaron, a Metro police spokesperson.

Those officers arrested him for having drugs. But it wasn't until Wednesday that police actually charged McLawhorn with homicide and burglary. Police handed over what they have to the Davidson County District Attorney's office.

Channel 4 called Metro police Thursday with follow up questions about the murder weapon, more police video, the 911 call and McLawhorn's toxicology testing, but police and attorneys said it's all part of the state's evidence.

"As the process continues and it gets set for a hearing, obviously there will be more information that's made public that you will have access to," said Jan Norman, an assistant district attorney.

Ferguson's twin sister sent Channel 4 a statement saying:We want to first off thank from the bottom of our hearts Metro Nashville police for working around the clock to help find our sister's killer. We also want to thank our community for the love and support we have received. This will never bring out sister back but this will help give her the justice she deserves.McLawhorn is expected to be in court for his felony charges on Monday. Norman said the exact day and time for his preliminary hearing will likely be set Friday.

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