Closure for one Antioch community.

Monday, trial begins for the suspected mass shooter of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch.

Preacher Joey Spann, who took a bullet to protect his church, says these things don't get easier with time...and this next step-is something he's been dreading.

“I want to get it over," Spann says.

Today, a jury has been selected to begin trial for 27-year-old Emanuel Samson who allegedly opened fire at Burnette Chapel. For preacher Joey Spann, this closure is far from comforting.

There’s not an excitement about doing it. There’s more of a dread of going through this again and reliving it. Time hasn’t taken away all the baggage that comes with it and it’s being brought back up again now," Spann tells me.

Samson is accused of killing a 39-year-old member of the church, Melanie Crow and injuring six others. He faces a 43-count indictment at. An arrest affidavit says Samson waived his rights and told police he arrived armed and fired at the church. Spann says he and others will take a bus to trial this Monday.

"Everybody won’t testify at the beginning but we will be there as support for those who are testifying early," Spann says.

For some members of the congregation, this will be their first time seeing Samson since the day police say he opened fire at the church. Members of Burnette Chapel tell me Samson attended the church when we was younger.

“It’s been a harder road that I thought it was at the very beginning. As times gone on it’s been harder to actually do," Spann says.

Officials tell us the upcoming trial could last 2-3 weeks.

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