Tensions grow between Jocques Clemmons' family, police ahead of meeting with chief

Jocques Clemmons was shot and killed by a Metro police officer after a traffic stop last month. (WSMV file photo)

More than a year after Jocques Clemmons was shot and killed by Metro Police Officer Joshua Lippert, his family finally got his cell phone back.

Returning the cell phone was part of a settlement between Clemmons’ family and the city of Nashville.

Clemmons’ mother, Sheila Clemmons Lee, didn’t elaborate on the rest of the terms of the settlement, but she did tell News4 about a recent conversation she had with Barry about Lippert, who was cleared of all criminal charges last year after shooting her son in the back three times as he ran away.

Lee and Barry have been at odds for a while when it comes to how the city handled her son's death and the investigation that followed.

Lee said she approached the mayor at a recent event.

“I said, ‘You have the power to take Josh Lippert off these streets,’" Lee recalled. "She said, ‘just trust me,’ and she walked off."

While no longer on patrol, Lippert is still an employee of MNPD.

“I felt like she was saying anything to get away from me, just brushing me off, basically," Lee said.

Days after Barry admitted to an affair with her former bodyguard and veteran Metro officer, Sgt. Rob Forrest, the group Community Oversight Now filed an ethics complaint against Barry.

The group, which was created after Clemmons' death, argued that the mayor was unduly influenced by her illicit relationship with Forrest to protect the interests of Metro Police even when they were at odds with those in the community.

In the complaint, the group focused on Barry's response -- or lack thereof -- to Clemmons' death, including her alleged unwillingness to support their group's desire to create a Civilian Oversight Board to reform MNPD's community policing policies after Clemmons was killed.

“I think deep down, they all know it was foul play,” Lee said. “We just can’t prove it, but deep down, they know.”

News4 reached out to Mayor Barry's spokesperson for comment but have not heard back.

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