NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - With the announcement of more jobs and growth coming to Music City, city officials told News4 that Nashville infrastructure has plans to accommodate the growth. 

Oracle announced Wednesday it would bring thousands of high-paying jobs to Nashville. However, More people means a need for more roads, schools, and other major infrastructure to the city. and Nashville city leaders say as long as it stays on track with plans already in the works and being created, Nashville is ready for the growth. 

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“I can just tell its growing really fast,” said Nashville resident Lauren McLaughlin 

Sydney Mattlock said “the cost of living is just getting higher and higher. I don’t see it going down.”  

New buildings are popping up all over music city. People living in Nashville say they’re used to it but wonder if the infrastructure can keep up. 

“I’ve wondered if the city can handle it because the roads aren’t getting bigger there’s more people. Traffic is going to be insane,” McLaughlin said.  

Bonita Holt, who is just moving to Nashville says the growth could mean a definite need for more schools. “there’s already overcrowding with the school systems as is,” Holt said. “Taking a look at all that before the next big growth gets here is something the city needs to take account of,” she added. 

The mayor’s office says how they are preparing for the potential need for more schools, with  spending dollars that have been set aside to build a new high school in Bellevue and expand 2 other schools.  

Mattlock says another infrastructure she is worried about is housing. “Nashville is a small town. A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT have been here for years are being kind of kicked out of their communities for new buildings. So that’s kind of frustrating,” she said 

The city  says it’s already working on accommodating Nashville’s growth like having a committee work on ways to preserve affordable housing.  

“They are now looking at ways to create and preserve more affordable housing in Nashville. They’re set in coming weeks to provide those recommendations to the mayor,” said Andrea Fanta, Press Secretary for Mayor John Cooper.  “The mayor proposed recently to use half of grant to invest 5 million dollars in the city’s BARNES fund for affordable housing,” she added. 

Addressing traffic is a major infrastructure on the minds of everyone. The city says they’re doing this with improvements included in the transportation plan  

“We’re working on projects like better timing of traffic signals to decongest our busy corridors so you can get to work more quickly,” Fanta said. “we’re fixing potholes, building more sidewalks, we have a vision action plan to eliminate pedestrian and traffic fatalities,” she added. 

“If they would just get on the ball with transit to accommodate the growth, I think we will be in great shape,” Holt said 

“Public transportation would be great. I think that’s something Nashville really needs. A good public transportation like either a train or more buses,” said Mattlock. 

So is the city’s infrastructure capable of handling all the growth? “If we do things right and commit to responsible planning, responsible resourcing and do the work steady step by step, we are ready in Nashville to grow,” Fanta said. 

Officials say the city is investing resources to meet the infrastructure needs. They say they recognize there’s a lot of work to get done and they want to do it responsibly and in ways that are best for tax payers. is now with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and video, 4WARN weather forecast, weather radar, special investigative reports, sports headlines and much more from News4 Nashville.

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