Neighbors in Christiana are looking to piece their homes back together after a tornado roared through the area this week. Some are scheduling debris clean-ups and waiting to see how insurance can help. Help sometimes comes in places unexpected.

Step into Quinn’s Mercantile in Murfreesboro, and Tracy Toy’s around to match anyone with just what they need.

“I am in the business of gifts,” laughed Toy.

With all that gift giving, Toy has a special gift for a friend in nearby Christiana after a hard week.

“It is a family home,” said John Erdmann of Christiana. “It belonged to my wife’s family for seven or eight generations. When I look at it, it’s like where do I start?”

Erdmann rushed his wife and son to a safe spot in the house when a tornado hit Rock Springs Midland Road.

“So, we’re still looking for the roof,” said Erdmann, looking at major damage to the home and debris blown into nearby trees.

Erdmann’s family is fine.

“Kinda blessed that’s all that’s happened,” he said.

He’s waiting to hear from insurance and a structural engineer about what will happen to his home.

“It’s devastating,” said Toy. “When his house was struck by a tornado, I wanted to do something.”

Toy’s started a GoFundMe for Erdmann’s family. She knows Erdmann from buying vegetables at his online farmer’s market. After what’s happened in Christiana, Toy said anyone has the ability to help.

“To do this by myself, I wouldn’t know what to do,” said Erdmann. “It really touches me that all these people are caring for me.”

“Right now, money does make a difference for these people,” said Toy. “Help these people because they’re your neighbors. They’re in need.”

The GoFundMe for the Erdmann family can be found here.

Erdmann said his wife grew up with Angie Walker, the neighbor who passed away in the tornado. Erdmann’s thoughts are with the Walker family.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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