It's an on-going problem along the Honky Tonk district, cell phones, and in some cases wallets stolen from people, enjoying the music venues. 

Tanya Turnbough was having a good time enjoying some music with friends, it ended on a sour note on two different weekends at Honky Tonks along Broadway.

"The first time I was at Crazytown, the last time I was at Jason Aldean's. I was just standing, and I looked down, and my purse was unzipped, and my wallet and my phone were gone," said Turnbough.

Within no time, Turnbough says, two-thousand dollars in charges were racked up on her credit card. Same thing happened to Turnbough's girlfriends the past two weekend.

"Everyone of my girlfriends, have had their phones stolen at Jason's," said Turnbough.

Tom Morales, the owner of Acme Feed and Seed, has not had that problem at his venue, he has a security team in place, mixing with the crowd, coupled with security cameras placed at points where trouble could occur, the security company he uses, have people trained for trouble.

"They have retired navy seals, one guy worked for the CIA," said Morales. 

A crowded bar is ripe for thieves to steal your phone or wallet, that's why Morales, limits the number of people for a music venue

"We don't want such a crowded experience, you can't manage it, the customers can't manage it, and if you try to make sales, it's easier to do in an environment, that is not crowded," said Morales

News4 did reach out to Aldean's, a manager said that they recently installed security cameras throughout the bar and restaurant areas, for customer safety.

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