Cancer patients find hope in Feeling Fabulous program

Feeling Fabulous at the Maury Regional Cancer Center helps cancer patients feel good about themselves again while going through treatments. (WSMV)

A cancer diagnosis can be shattering in many ways.

Fear about the future is one factor, so too is a great concern for how you look as you go through treatment.

There’s a new program to help fix that.

The program is called Feeling Fabulous, a response to the hair loss and skin changes that come with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Laughs and smiles aren’t what you would expect from a room full of women with cancer.

These ladies are strong, and themselves learning of ways to get through the rigors of that diagnosis.

“If you don’t laugh, if you give in, then you might as well hang it up,” said Joyce Geshoniler, a cancer patient. “Life doesn’t promise you a rose garden. You make the best of it that you can.”

At Maury Regional Cancer Center, make-up tips and wigs help handle the fight.

Looking good just helps you feel good.

“If you can do something about yourself, to just make you feel a little better by looking better, it’s the first step toward getting out of bed, I think,” said Ginger Moon, a volunteer with the program.

Joyce Geshon is 80 and was first diagnosed nine years ago, then again recently. She’s still laughing, that little bit of hope in the room helps.

“We have a circle of women. You can look in their eyes and see they’re very, very strong,” said Mary Randolph, a cancer patient.

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