Bullies may face assault charges after Franklin High School student's wig ripped off on-camera


A 16-year-old girl was forced to go to the hospital after a student on Friday afternoon at Franklin High School after other students forcibly ripped her wig off on camera and posted it on social media.

Williamson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney told News4 that he considers the alleged incident an assault and says the district is seeking to charge at least two students. “When they tore that off me, I felt basically naked and I felt so insecure myself and just terrible,” said Lauren “Lulu” Williams. Williams said she has a scalp condition, so she wears wigs. “My hair is like my one place where I can feel safe, and I loved having wigs to express myself,” said Williams. The teen said a boy ripped off her wig and then a second student recorded the incident and posted it on social media.

Shortly after the video of the incident surfaced on social media, Dr. Looney and Williamson County Schools posted tweets referencing what happened:

For those concerned about the incident at FHS late Friday, the administration and law enforcement are on it. Please remember when you retweet, share, or react to social media posts, you give those in the wrong even more attention.— Dr. Mike Looney (@wcsDirofSchools) January 29, 2018
The @wcsFHS administration & the SRO immediately began investigating an incident when it was reported to them Friday. This type of behavior can never be tolerated at school. In addition to school discipline, WCS prosecutes delinquent behavior to the fullest extent of the law.— WCS (@WCSedu) January 29, 2018

Williams and her mother told News4 she was seriously hurt when the wig was snatched from her head.

“When it ripped it off, it tore out chunks of my hair right here and right here where the pins and the glue were to hold,” said Williams.

Lulu’s mother Myckelle Williams said she got a tearful call from her daughter Friday.

“I took her to the hospital right after the incident," her mother explained. "She had whiplash, according to her doctor, and she had scalp abrasions,” Williams wrote about what happened to her daughter on Facebook, and the post was shared thousands of times.

"I promised her, 'I’m not going to allow anybody to violate you again. I’m going to handle this. I’m going to make sure that they never do this to somebody else again,'” said Myckelle Williams after the incident.

In response to her bullies, Lulu decided to shave her head.

“It’s not funny," Lulu said. "You don’t do that to a person. Like, if you wouldn’t like that, why would you do that to other people?” The teen’s mother said she did not want to let this incident go unnoticed.

News4 took the family’s concerns to Williamson County Schools. The superintendent said the district is working with the Williamson Co. Sheriff’s Office and Franklin Police to press charges against the students responsible.

“I don’t have any tolerance for behavior that hurts physically or emotionally other students,” said Dr. Looney. “Know that we take this very seriously and know that we are going to provide the appropriate punishment to the fullest extent possible.”

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