NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Nashville photographer doesn’t just read about history, he lives it.

John Guider’s latest river trip traced the 1779 voyage of John Donelson that discovered Nashville, and he did it 1779-style.

Donelson served in the Virginia House of Burgesses in colonial Virginia, yet 250 years ago he wanted more.

“So, he uproots his family and just goes,” said Guider.

So, Guider got a boat, a paddle, no motor and headed west at 3 mph on the 1,000-mile two-month trip, seeing and taking pictures of the Tennessee you don’t see from the interstate.

“My intent was to photograph and celebrate the natural beauty of Tennessee,” said Guider.

A two-month trip on Tennessee’s rivers by himself, now a picture book voyage of the adventure. The photos are incredible, the people he met unforgettable.

“Random strangers would take me into their house and feed me, just let me rest,” said Guider.

That Donelson trip a forgotten piece of history, overshadowed at that time by the Revolutionary War, but brought back now by Guider.

He said this is something everyone should know about.

Click for information about Guider’s book.


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