Brother of attorney with ties to Casey Moreland speaks out

Brad Lewis is the brother of attorney Bryan Lewis. (WSMV)

Brad Lewis' tattoos paint a portrait of a pretty rough character.

But he said his older brother, who has been in the news a lot lately - prominent Nashville attorney Bryan Lewis - is even rougher.

"I think he is a menace to society," Brad Lewis said.

Bryan Lewis' name has been mentioned often in the Channel 4 I-Team’s investigation into former General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland. Bryan Lewis and Moreland have been long-time friends and travel buddies.

"He and my brother were thick as thieves. They went everywhere together," Brad Lewis said.

Moreland resigned effective April 4 after he was charged with trying to bribe his former lover, Natalie Amos, and have drugs planted on her.

Amos had told police last year she was suspicious about the death of her former roommate, Leigh Terry.

Terry was Bryan Lewis' lover. Police concluded Terry committed suicide in May 2016 in the apartment in the Stahlman Building that Bryan Lewis rented for her.

Brad Lewis, Bryan's brother, is speaking publicly for the first time, and only to the I-Team.

Brad Lewis said he has concerns about the death of Leigh Terry. While he has no evidence that it was anything but a suicide, he said he has wondered if his brother drove her to it.

"He could have threatened her, and she thought she was going to die anyways," Brad Lewis said.

"I think the Leigh Terry death needs to be looked at harder, because my brother has a tendency for violence and mental manipulation. He is a thug with a law license," Brad Lewis added.

The brothers became estranged eight years ago, Brad Lewis said.

Brad Lewis said tension is escalating because he said his brother knows he has turned over information to the federal prosecutors investigating Moreland in a public corruption case.

He told the I-Team’s Nancy Amons he felt strongly enough about what his brother has done that he was willing to talk to the FBI about him.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. I know how I have felt these past eight years with the threat and the intimidation. It's not a good feeling. Not a good feeling whatsoever," Brad Lewis said.

Brad Lewis said he made authorities aware of an incident involving his brother in 2004. It concerns allegations that Bryan Lewis had a role in the alleged beating of a man he suspected was stealing from him -- a man on a crew doing electrical work at Bryan Lewis' home on Ashland City Highway.

"My brother was renovating his house for resale," Brad Lewis said.

Metro Codes records confirm that Massey Electric was the electrical contractor for the 2004 work.

Brad Lewis said his brother discovered items were being stolen from his house and installed cameras to find out who was doing it.

Brad Lewis said his brother told him how he had that worker beaten in a back room of the Massey Electric office.

"They choked and tortured this man for an undisclosed period of time,” Brad Lewis said.

"I was told that if this guy brought this to the attention of the authorities, he would be killed, his family would be killed, and that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I heard it from my brother's mouth," Brad Lewis added.

"He thought it was funny. Yeah, sure did," Brad Lewis said.

"They beat his ass," said Brian Meier, who was another electrical worker on that job.

"I've only shared this with a small group of people," Meier added.

Meier is a mechanic. In 2004, he was an electrician's apprentice at Massey Electric. Meier said he unknowingly bought some hunting gear his coworker had stolen from Bryan Lewis' job site. Meier said Bryan Lewis called him and made threats.

"He was like, 'Look man, I know you got my stuff, and if you don't give me my stuff back I'm going to find out who your family is, I'm going to find out them, and I'm going to kill them, and I'm going to kill you, and I've got connections with the mob and all that stuff.' And I'm like, 'What?’" Meier said.

"Did you take him seriously when he said he was going to kill your family?" Amons asked.

"Oh yeah. This guy's got power. How can you not sit there and fear somebody who's got power?" Meier said.

Meier said Bryan Lewis showed up with a lot of squad cars, then he was handcuffed and taken before a night court commissioner.

"Next thing I know is, the door opened up, and there's Bryan Lewis, saying, 'I got you,' tapping on the glass, saying, 'I got you, son of a b****,'" Meier said.

"Bryan Lewis was behind the glass where the judge was?" Amons asked.

"Yeah," Meier said.

"Did you think that was unusual?" Amons asked.

"Yeah. There's the guy accusing me of stealing his s***, and he's right there, and I'm like, 'S***!'” Meier said.

"Did you have the feeling things were not going to go well?" Amons asked.

"Yeah, I already heard the Taps being played. I was done," Meier said.

Court records show that Meier took a plea deal; he entered a plea of guilty to a felony, got four years of probation, and had to pay restitution to Bryan Lewis.

"It was like, this is what Bryan Lewis wanted," Meier said.

Meier said his defense attorney presented only two options.

“Pay, or go to prison for 10 years," Meier said. "It rammed me. I didn't have a chance.”

Meier ended up paying Bryan Lewis $10,000 in restitution. Every receipt is a painful memory.

"It hurt. I worked my butt off just to pay that," Meier said.

The other worker, he said, was never charged. His last name is listed as "unknown" in the police report.

Meier said he ran into him about a year later.

"He goes, ‘Well, they beat me up, took me to my house, got all his stuff back, and they made me work at Massey until I paid restitution back to Bryan Lewis. They was garnishing my paychecks.’ And I was like, ‘What?'" Meier said.

Nathan Massey, the owner of Massey Electric, told Channel 4 he had no recollection of the incident.

"I don't have anything else to offer you," Massey said.

Massey ran for a House seat last year; it was a nasty race. He lost to incumbent Bo Mitchell.

Massey does have ties to the drug court that former Judge Casey Moreland used to run.

The I-Team has previously reported on half a dozen halfway houses in Madison where Moreland sent drug court defendants.

Massey sat on the board of the directors for Recovery Community Inc., the non-profit that owns the houses.

We have been able to corroborate many of the details of the theft at the Lewis property through court records.

We haven't found any court records corroborating the allegations of the beating at Massey Electric, and we cannot corroborate other claims by Brad Lewis and Brian Meier.

We contacted attorney Bryan Lewis and asked him to comment, but have not heard back.

Bryan Lewis has previously told the I-Team’s Nancy Amons that he would not give the station an interview “for the entirety of my career.”

"I've known him all my life," Brad Lewis said.

Bryan Lewis has had a long career in the public light. His brother said that he's seen a different side.

"It's just all about control, power and money with him, that's it. That's life," Brad Lewis said.

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