NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Broadway bars have done weeks of back-stocking to prepare for the NFL Draft. A week away and they're still concerned they won't get the product they need. 

"Any corners we have that we can stuff beer or liquor [into], or anything we need -- cups to 'bev' naps to straws -- we put in," Big Shotz General Manager Tommy McNeill said. He started stocking up on orders for the NFL Draft a month in advance.

Located just off of 2nd Avenue, they're in the middle of the action. "I'm pumped. I'm an NFL fan so I'm super pumped," McNeill said. But as the Draft looms, being prepared becomes more complicated. 

 "We have to be here at 3 o'clock in the morning each day we have a delivery," McNeill explained, referring to the last few days before the Draft beings. The NFL has required bars to fill out forms if they want orders during the Draft itself for security reasons, but there's no guarantee. 

Big Shotz will stay entirely open to the public on Draft week, but several bars are bought out. 300,000 people will be looking for somewhere to go, and McNeill worries that estimate is on the low side. 

"It's going to bring more money to our bars, but the bad thing is I don't know where people are going to go." he said. 

"No one knows what to expect. They can guess and do whatever they want, but that's all it is is a guess."

McNeill acknowledges the Draft will ultimately be great for business, especially since 2nd Avenue will be closed to traffic. He's asked his employees to allow two hours to get to work on those days.

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Rebecca Cardenas is a Murrow-award winning journalist who joined News4 as a reporter in September 2017. She currently covers the court systems in Middle Tennessee.

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