A new report from ESPN Thursday ranks Nissan Stadium and Bridgestone Arena among the 15 worst sports facilities in North America for health violations out of 111 facilities.

The report collected more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from health departments that monitor professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball facilities across North America.

How gross are your hometown stadium's concession stands?

Bridgestone Arena ranks 15th worst with 35 high-level violations. The most common violations include meat storage, flying insects, and beef storage. 

“I’ve never been sick, but to my tasting for what you pay, in my opinion, it’s been hit or miss," said Tammy Branscom, who describes herself as a huge Predators fan.

Other fans tell News4 they're stunned to learn the findings. 

“I’m in there several times a season for the games and there was nothing that appeared to be anything that would be outstanding that would cause violations," said Tanja Brewer, who is also a Preds fan. 

Nissan Stadium is ranked 13th worst with 98 high-level violations. The most common include toxins near chicken, raw egg storage, and sweaty cook after an inspector reported seeing a 'gentleman sweating over fry basket' in 2016.

“That’s crazy. I’ve never seen that at Nissan Stadium," said Thomas Morris, who says he goes to at least two Titans games per season.

Bridgestone Arena sent News4 a statement that reads:

"During the Nashville Predators 2016-17 season, at the time that the article references, Bridgestone Arena’s average Health Department score was 94 percent. Additionally, EcoSure, an independent third-party food safety assessment organization that conducts safety audits, gave Bridgestone Arena a 93 percent rating on inspections during the same time period. We will continue to work diligently with our food service provider, Delaware North, and the Board of Health to ensure a clean food environment for our fans."

The facility with the fewest violations is Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The facility with the highest number of violations is Spectrum Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

You can see the full report here. 

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Kim St. Onge joined the News4 team as a reporter in January 2017.

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