For the past two weeks, the murder of Brentwood orthodontist Rachel Maidens has been the subject of news stories and neighborhood conversation. Channel 4 has been learning more about her husband, who is accused of the crime and complaints about his behavior in public, as well as possible substance abuse.

But this isn't the first time those sorts of problems have rocked the victim's family. A decade ago, before she was married, Maidens was an unfortunate victim of another crime - the misdeeds of her own father.

The chain of terrible events started for Maidens when she was away at school. On Dec. 3, 2003, federal agents arrested her father, Dr. Richard Frisbie, at his Brentwood home.

Court documents show Frisbie, a pharmacist, was caught attempting to sell Oxycotin pills to a DEA informant. He was also accused of selling other prescription drugs from his own home.

But the case never went to court. Frisbie took his own life just two days after his arrest. It was another painful blow to Maidens and her family.

But their troubles were far from over.

According to court documents, as part of the drug investigation, Metro police seized the bank accounts of Maidens, her brother and mother - money they could no longer access.

So while they were attempting to heal from the loss of a family member, the Frisbie's were forced into court. The ordeal lasted years. But finally, the family got their money back. As part of a settlement, Metro government paid them an additional $15,000.

But 10 years after a father's death, the family has lost a daughter in a very violent way.

The man accused of killing Rachel Maidens, her husband Randy Maidens, was in court this week. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Randy Maidens is expected back in court May 23.

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