A 12-year-old Kaillie Humphries made a deal with her family: if she ever made a national team, they would all get tattoos.At the time, Humphries aspired to make the Canadian national ski team. But five years later, when she made the Canadian national bobsled team, she still held her family to the deal.Humphries went with a Maple Leaf on her right thigh:Since then, the body of the two-time Olympic bobsled champion has become a canvas of permanent ink.On her right hand, she tattooed the dates of her two Olympic triumphs, along with the word “believe.”“Being able to tattoo this date on my hand as a reminder that hard work, perseverance, family, team, heart, faith, discipline, and a little stubbornness got me what to where I am today,” Humphries wrote on Instagram. 

On her right forearm, she has a portrait of her mother, Cheryl.“She is still alive and well, but has always been there for me,” Humphries wrote. “She has given me a strong women to look up to, and is someone I am proud to be like.”

Humphries takes her fans behind-the-scenes,

posting videos from inside tattoo parlors

. Perhaps her most intricate tattoo is a tribal design on her left leg, starting at her toes and going all the way up to her hip. The project took about 45 hours to complete from 2008 to 2010.“It's my warrior side, the piece reminds me of a shield,” Humphries wrote. “A way to protect myself.”