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It's raised tens of thousands of dollars for supplies in Metro classrooms, only to be temporarily banned by the district.

We're talking about DonorsChoose, a website used by Metro teachers for a more than a decade to raise money.

But for now, the district says it can't be used and a school member says she knows how to get it back up and running.

Whether it’s for books or stools, Kristine Harrison relies on donations to pay for what she needs in her classroom. So, when Metro Schools suspended the use of this popular donation website, it left her frustrated and parents outraged.

"Cutting things from the teachers is uncalled for, its unacceptable,” said Christie Proctor who has 4 kids in the district.

Teachers came to the I-Team with their frustrations given that since last July, the site raised more than $86,000 for 150 Metro classrooms.

$86,000 dollars to support that many classrooms…that's incredible. I couldn't understand why we were taking something away that was helping teachers,” said Bush.

Metro School Board member Fran Bush saw our story and how, according to a state audit, the Comptroller’s Office strongly discourages this type of online fundraising.

In response, the district suspended the use of the website until a stronger policy was in place that would better track how the money is spent.

Bush says it's a simple fix that needs to be done immediately.

“I found it's just about language. It's about just changing the policy that will fit teachers needs when it comes to programs like this,” said Bush who represents District 6.

She's now working on language to an addendum that would clearly state how the website can and would be used.

In the meantime, Harrison can only wait pointing out she only gets $200 a year from the district for supplies.

“Oh please give it back. Please give DonorsChoose back. Just to touch all the students’ lives."

In order to bring it back board members would vote on the new policy. Bush says she hopes to get it on the agenda for the next board meeting.

If approved, DonorsChoose could be allowed again immediately.

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