The videos of bikers and ATV riders taking over the streets of Nashville have been pouring into our newsroom.

Off-road vehicles run recklessly across Nashville for second day

"The video on TV does not do it justice. When you see 100 or 125 people on motorcycles, the sound is deafening," said Mary Frances Vester.

Vester said, she and her husband had just left Walmart Sunday when one of the ATV's hit their car head on. 

Then when Vester's husband called police, one of the bikers pulled a gun.

They stole his phone before taking off.

"I was in shock. I was so scared. I was watching helpless unable to do anything," said Vester. 

Vester said initially, she was too scared to speak out.

"At first, my family was afraid they were like, 'don't show your face. Don't give your name,' and then I kinda just got mad and I was like, 'look this is my city, my town,'" said Vester. 

Vesters has seen the video of Sergeant John Borque being dragged.

FOP releases statement after Metro officer dragged by four-wheeler in "reckless" downtown incident

She's still recovering from what happened to her and her husband.

She's worried the city is being overrun by criminals and now wants to start a movement called "take back Nashville."

Off-road vehicles run recklessly across Nashville for second day

"Because the police can't do it all. This city is just too big now. We can be there with our phones, with our computers. We see what's going on and we can make this city safer and that's what I intend to do," said Vester. 

Vester said after the ATV crashed into them, a truck pulled up and took off with the crashed ATV and the injured driver.

The truck had a Florida license plate: I8V693.

Nashville woman's son has close call with four-wheeler
Suspect in weekend ATV mayhem arrested for hitting police van
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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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