Artwork to visit a bus stop near you

Artists are putting their works on display on the side of MTA buses. (WSMV)

Riding the bus is the only public transportation option in Nashville for now with 200 buses that look exactly alike.

A group of Nashville artists said the buses don’t have to all look alike.

Three letters – MTA – are a regular part of a Nashville bus. Beth Inglish figured it was time for new letters – ART.

“Art belongs everywhere. It’s the creative city of the world,” said Inglish.

Inside Metro Transit Authority headquarters on Thursday, the bus meets her brush and the painting “pure joy” that she has created.

Buses are getting ready to hit the streets at 35 mph, a rolling way to show off Nashville artists.

“You’re adding color, light, beauty and joy to people’s everyday life,” said Inglish.

Buses and beautiful rarely find a way into the same sentence. That’s about to change with more buses with art coming.

There are 200 buses in the fleet that take people from Point A to Point B. That’s 200 mobile canvasses to the creators.

“We can put art on a walk, on a bus,” said Inglish. “We can transform the city to something beautiful that can inspire every day to be better.”

The best view will be a bus stop near you.

“Art coming by you every 20 minutes. I love it,” said Ashley Seagroves.

Inglish made the art and Seagroves made it happen by calling the Metro Transit Authority. Jason Minser took the call and was bold enough to get the project green-lighted.

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