Court documents: Judge Moreland intervened in DUI case

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A complaint filed with the Board of Professional Responsibility about Judge Casey Moreland and attorney Bryan Lewis also included a mention of a 2010 solicitation of prostitution charge for an attorney who would go on to become a Williamson County judge.

The complaint was filed one day after the Channel 4 I-Team investigation on a death investigation of a woman just days after she went on a weekend trip with Moreland and Lewis.

The complaint also includes a section that mentions the arrest of Williamson County Judge Michael Binkley, who was an attorney at the time.

According to the complaint, and confirmed independently by the I-Team by a source who was there at the time, Binkley’s case was heard by Moreland.

The complaint reads that Binkley’s charge was dismissed and then quickly expunged.

The I-Team has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of this case for two months.

Last week, the I-Team asked Moreland for an interview to discuss Binkley’s case and other topics.

Moreland later told chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley by phone that he could not discuss the case because it had been expunged.

There is no record of Binkley’s case in the Davidson County court system, which is typical when an expungement occurs.

The complaint described the dismissal and expungement as done in a, “highly unusual manner, both in timing and procedure.”

The I-Team did speak with Judge Binkley, who said he had no comment.

Binkley’s attorney at the time, Ed Yarbrough, also said he had no comment.

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Jeremy Finley is the News4 I-Team's Chief Investigative Reporter. He has won multiple Midsouth Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Awards.

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