Rick Cosgrove just adopted his dog Roxy.

Soon after, someone from his Hendersonville apartment complex called saying they need a pet deposit, extra rent and a DNA sample from the dog.

"When you think DNA testing, right, you think criminals. You think warrants and getting DNA testing. You don't think about getting it on your pets to diagnose its poo," said Cosgrove. 

That's the idea: to catch and fine perpetrators who leave their dogs poop behind.

Apartment complexes across the Midstate are now collecting DNA samples from their resident's dogs. 

Cosgrove had some questions like: 'If i give you my dog's DNA, what exactly am I agreeing to? What if I choose not to participate? And, just because you find my dog's poop, how do you know someone else didn't take it out of the trash and just put it there?'

"If you're the landlord trying to impose the fine, then you're going to have to have the burden, or carry the burden, of proving that the person receiving the fine or their pet is the wrong doer," said Cleveland Bain, a property attorney with the West Nashville Law Group. 

Bain said, the bottom line is, it's all about what's in your lease.

"The best suggestion is to always read your lease thoroughly. Like I said before, have an attorney read it with you and if you believe or see something that may leave you open to this type of program, then you can always ask the landlord to strike through it or just find a complex that may be a little more friendly to your pets," said Bain. 

As for Cosgrove, he said he's not trying to be difficult.

He certainly plans to pick up after his pup.

He just feels, when it comes to dog poop enforcement, there are better, cheaper ways to do it. 

"I think security cameras wouldn't hurt. I think it would be more cost effective. Not to mention, the other types of things it could capture such as burglaries, break ins, things of that nature," said Cosgrove. 

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