A tip from a concerned citizen led to the rescue of 150 animals from a Tennessee property that had “extremely neglectful conditions.”

The rescue was made Sunday at a home in Atwood, which is about two hours west of Nashville.

When the Animal Rescue Corps and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office searched the property, they found several dead animals, including a zebra, cat, duck, and the remains of rabbits.

Some of the deceased animals were kept in cages with the live ones. Other animals did not have adequate food or water. They included: Approximately 43 large and medium breed dogs, including puppies 37 cats, including litters of newborn kittens 17 rabbits 10 geese 8 chickens 6 ducks 6 goats 5 sheep 5 chinchillas 4 ferrets 2 alpacasOfficials also found animals inside a barn, in the property owner’s house and garage, and some that were running loose.

Many of them were extremely dirty, infested with internal and external parasites, suffered broken bones, extreme matting, eye and ear infections, and respiratory issues caused by the high ammonia levels inside the house and garage.

The Animal Rescue Corps says these were some of the highest levels of ammonia they ever recorded.

“This is extreme animal cruelty,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “I have never experienced ammonia levels this high. These animals were not living here; they were dying here. The operators of this mass breeding mill chose greed over compassion.”

Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson released the following statement about Sunday’s rescue:This county takes all cases of abuse and cruelty very seriously. The law was being violated and these animals desperately needed help, so we didn’t hesitate to take action.The animals were transported to the Animal Rescue Corps’ Rescue Operations Center in Lebanon.

This is their third rescue operation in the past two months in Tennessee and Louisiana.