Alleged Uber driver arrested with multiple drugs in his system, court docs say

Crill Allison (Photo: Metro Nashville Police Dept.)

A driver, who said he was working for Uber, was arrested for driving with multiple drugs in his system. Court records reveal this is not his first offense of this nature.

Crill Allison, 47, was arrested Sunday after officers pulled him over for speeding on 21st Avenue South near Sweetbrier Ave, according to documents from Davidson County Court.

Crill wasn't drinking, instead, he said he had been awake for 24 hours driving for Uber and had taken Adderall, a popular amphetamine simulant, in order to stay awake. Later in the interaction with police, Crill also admitted to taking Xanax and Nyquil while driving.

This is his third similar offense in Davidson County.

He was convicted of a lesser charge, misdemeanor-level Driving While Intoxicated, in March of 2009 and served 11 months and 29 days.

His first DUI offense was in 2003 when court records say he was arrested after admitting to drinking three beers and taking Paxil and Ambien before driving.

News4 reached out to a representative with Uber who says Allison's access to the app has been rescinded.

Uber said Allison was a driver with the company, but he was not on a trip at the time of his arrest. In fact, the last ride he gave was more than 12 hours before he was pulled over by police.

But how was someone with two prior DUI convictions able to drive for the company?

The representative said, per Tennessee state law, a person must be convicted of a DUI offense within the last seven years to be ineligible for employment with the company. Allison's last driving conviction was nine years ago.

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