Smyrna is revamping the area around Lee Victory Park. Their newest project is to build an all-inclusive playground.

"It's absolutely critical for us to have that here if you look at the census numbers, 7% of the number of people under the age of 65 have some kind of a disability," Smyrna rotary treasurer Robert Stevens tells me.

New Park

He says with over 320,000 people in Rutherford County, many children with disabilities in Smyrna have no where to play.

"We want to do everything we can to help people that are underprivileged or may not have the same opportunities that everyone else has," Stevens says.

After a year of planning, they designed the all-inclusive playground holding several meetings for public input.

"There were two main things people were concerned about. The first one is that they wanted to have a fence," Stevens says.

The other idea was a swing for wheelchairs, with other accommodations already in place.

"People in wheelchairs will be able to access all of the equipment up to eight feet," Stevens says.

The contractor designed the plane on the playground to look like its on a runway, tying in the airport and the Jeff Kuss memorial nearby. The price tag is $600,000. Stevens says, it's a necessity and it's worth it.

"This all-inclusive playground that rotary is spearheading will be beneficial to the whole community," Stevens says.

Other improvements around Lee Victory Park in the near future are more parking and a roundabout across from the park.

Stevens tells me the next step is meeting with a contractor but they say the park will be built within a year.

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Lindsey Nance joined the News4 team in June 2018 as a reporter, videographer and editor focusing on Rutherford County news.

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