Alabama man's mission is to mow lawns in 50 states

Rodney Smith has a goal to mow in all 50 states. He was helped by Ryan Youngquist, 9, on Wednesday in La Vergne.(WSMV)

Seeing an elderly man struggle to mow his lawn changed Rodney Smith’s life for the better.

It has put him on a country-wide mission to serve his fellow man, one blade of grass at a time.

As long as grass grows, Rodney Smith will serve.

He is finding people on Facebook, the elderly, disabled or veterans, offering to mow their lawn for free. Now he’s on a mission to do it in every state.

“It’s a pretty easy thing to do,” said Smith. “God set me out on his mission and provided everything I need to do, so that’s what I do.”

On Wednesday, Smith had help from 9-year-old Ryan Youngquist, who saw an older man struggling too.

“I asked him if he needed help, he said ‘Yea’ so sometimes I weeded for him, sometimes I mowed grass,” said Ryan.

He liked it and wanted to do more, then he heard about Smith’s plan.

“My mom heard about it on Facebook,” said Ryan.

He’s doing it now in his neighborhood, so are hundreds of youngsters nationwide.

“It makes me feel good, a small idea inspired something amazing,” said Smith.

The two met on Wednesday and went to work.

Both are convinced that it is really their idea.

“I think God’s the person who got me here and wants me here,” said Ryan.

Smith is from Alabama and has been on this mission for 2-1/2 years. He’s already visited all 50 states with that mower and is now doing the 50 states again.

Smith drives everywhere to mow except Alaska and Hawaii. He flies there.

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