A brazen thief was captured on home surveillance video, taking his sweet time as he breaks into a Mount Juliet family’s car. 

This crime, Mount Juliet police say, is one of the city’s most popular. But that isn’t to say crime is up. 

Mount Juliet has seen a significant drop in crime rate since 2006, just as the population has spiked. Leading the existing crime, though: car burglaries. 

Mt. Juliet Crime Trends Chart

“You do see more information sharing,” Tyler Chandler explained, “which leads people to learn about it more, which leads to the perception that crime is up.”

The video of the smash-and-grab was posted to Facebook by Jay Tippens, after he woke up to police banging on his door in the middle of the night, telling him his wife’s car was broken into. 

“I've got kids upstairs, I've got kids that live out of the home, he said. “It's all so alarming to be woken up like that.”

In the video, you see the thief throw a brick at a car window six times before smashing it. He then takes off with a purse. 

“It's more of an invasion of privacy than anything,” Tippens said. 

According to police, it’s rare for a suspect to use force to get into a car, unless there’s something they can see that they want. 

Here’s that tireless reminder for you: Lock your car before bed, and don’t leave valuables where someone can see them.

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Rebecca Cardenas is a Murrow-award winning journalist who joined News4 as a reporter in September 2017.

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