A Metro Police officer, who said she was raped by a fellow officer, claims her former precinct commander interfered with the trial.

Officer Monica Blake spoke publicly for the first time to the News 4 I-Team since she claimed that she was raped by former fellow police officer Julian Pirtle.

Our investigation found that Blake secretly recorded Pirtle after the assault, and documented how he referred to himself as the Hulk because of his anger issues.

Just before the trial was about to start, Blake was told by the district attorney’s office that Pirtle received a deal, in which he would plead guilty to aggravated assault but the rape charge would be dropped.PREVIOUS STORIES: Former officer accused of rape: 'Why do you think they call me the Hulk?' | Female officer blasts DA for dropping rape chargeBlake said when the DA’s office called her in to inform of the deal, they explained, in part, why they had dropped the charge.

“They told me that a high ranking official with the Metro Police Department had told them the day before, that I was untruthful, and that I had issues with reliability,” Blake said.

Blake said the DA’s office would not confirm the identity of that official, but he already knew that her own precinct commander, Marlene Pardue, was subpoenaed to testify by Pirtle’s attorney.

When the DA’s office told her about the police official’s claims, Blake said she was astounded.

“I thought it was absurd. I had never been disciplined for anything regarding that nature,” Blake said.

In December 2017, an unrelated internal investigation, into how Blake had handled a potential child abuse case, had been completed.

Among the complaints against Blake in that investigation: that she was untruthful.

But investigators with the Office of Professional Accountability found that, in fact, Blake had been telling the truth.

And an email exchange between Blake and Deputy Police Chief Mike Hagar, the fact that Blake was found to be telling the truth was shared with the DA’s office before the plea deal.

Blake questioned if that was the case, why did the DA’s office tell her that a high-ranking metro official had questioned her truthfulness.

A spokeswoman for Metro Police said Pardue is out on medical leave and unavailable for an interview, but did state in an email that, "The MNPD has no role in plea agreements."

Blake said Pardue had twice decommissioned her, meaning she is on desk duty, after Pardue determined Blake is unable to do the job since struggling with fears since her attack.

“I feel like I'm being re-victimized every single day,” Blake said.

Blake was transferred to the Hermitage Precinct after filing complaints that she’s afraid of Pardue and that she didn’t feel protected.

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s office would not elaborate on whether or not Pardue raised questions about Blake’s truthfulness, but said they made the decision to offer the plea deal based on facts and multiple interviews.

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Jeremy Finley is the chief investigator for News4 Investigates. His reporting has resulted in criminal convictions, legislative hearings before the U.S. Congress, and the payout of more than a million dollars to scam victims.

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