Abnormal weather brings more spiders

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If you’re noticing more spiders around your home, you’re not alone.

Since April Earthwise Pest Solution owner Deric Boileau has seen a lot of spiders in a lot of homes.

“I’ve done some houses where we stopped counting at 200 brown recluses in the house,” Boileau said. “There’s been an increase in calls and the severity of calls has seemed to lockstep.”

Boileau says the increase in spiders has to do with our weather.

“Humidity that follows the heat, right back into rain, it just created the perfect storm for bug populations to explode,” Boileau.

News 4 Warn Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer says this year was unusual.

"Incredibly cold April, a lot of rain and then the next month well above average temperatures,” Spencer said. “I mean it was a really hot May. So we really went from winter to summer and hardly had spring at all."

Boileau says a cold winter could prevent another bad spider year, but right now it’s too soon to tell.

"Right now it looks like the fall is going to be warmer than average, but the winter there's no clear indication if it's going to be colder or warmer than average just yet,” Spencer said.

With so many spiders out there Boileau recommends wearing long kitchen gloves to move boxes, especially in places like your garage. You should also check the boxes for spiders before moving them.

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Brittany Weiner joined the News4 team as a reporter in July 2018.

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