A Middle Tennessee pastor said life is all about stories. He is now sharing his father's story in providing a glimmer of hope in hard times.

"I think if we knew people's stories, I think the preciousness of others is something we need to remember."

Bill Mead spent a lifetime serving his country and his church.

"He was born in poverty, and got himself out. He got an education, joined the Navy, then after that became a minister."

But after decades of service, Mead was ready for the end.

"He kept praying he would die."

Instead, he got dementia.

"We had the responsibility to do the hard thing."

Patrick Mead said that hard thing was to check his father into specialized care, away from family.

"So I decided, let's put his story there, so he's not just the new guy in Room 14. This is his story."

So Patrick penned this paragraph...

My name is Bill Mead.

I am slowly leaving this Earth for my heavenly home.

This may take awhile.

Thank you for remembering who I was, and who I am.

"My fear was here's this man among strangers, they don't know him. They don't understand who he is, and he can't tell them so I wrote just a short set of sentences and we had it posted on his door," Patrick Mead tells News4.

The message was retweeted 16,000 times, and received more than 100,000 likes.

"I'm a minister, and I believe the second most powerful thing in the universe is story," said Mead.

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Tracy Kornet is an award-winning anchor, host and writer. She joined News4 in September 2014.

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