NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - 8 minutes...That's how old 3-year-old Karsyn Sisk was underwater before he was found in a pool alone. Karsyn's mother is warning others of the dangers of fun around the pool this summer.

A mother almost lost her son on her wedding day when her son Karsyn was found nearly drowned. Brittanie Sisk's wedding day album is full of pictures, but in it, you won't find any pictures of her groom. Instead, they are of her son.

"The fear and the thoughts of reliving that moment hasn't got any easier," Sisk said.

Just hours after saying "I do", Brittanie and her family were celebrating at an aunt's house. She left to get snacks and came back to find her husband and relatives performing CPR on her 3-year-old son Karsyn who had been under the water for 8 minutes.

"He's blue he's turning purple his feet and hands are starting to curl up," Brittanie said. "The feeling that I can tell you is: imagine your heart being ripped out of your chest and seeing it on the ground dead and gone."

Fortunately, because Brittanie and her husband are both CPR certified, they performed compressions until medics arrived.

"I literally felt my heart wasn't beating the entire time," Brittanie added.

After being underwater for 8 minutes, somehow, Karsyn survived.

Brittanie told News4 she looks back and wonders how easily things could have turned out tragic.

"I look back and there's a bunch of what ifs? What if he didn't make it like it is a miracle that he is here and I still can't believe it to this day," Brittanie said.

Brittanie is still recovering emotionally, But she's now determined to use her trauma for good.

The lessons she learned: Watch your kids and Know CPR.

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