NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Mayor John Cooper has directed nearly $10 million to create about 400 affordable housing units across the city.

The Mayor's Office said this grant money would go toward seven local organizations. For example, the funds will help build:

  • 31 units off Neely's Bend Road in Madison
  • 32 homes off Brick Church Pike
  • 200 homes off 4th Avenue and Shelby Avenue in East Nashville.

Griffin is a Hermitage resident who moved out of Nashville because he says real estate prices were too high.

"I used to live right down the road, and it was very affordable," Griffin said. " I can't live there now, so I've had to, unfortunately, move out of Nashville. And I do music too, so it's pushing artists and the music people out."

Kay Bowers, the co-chair of the NOAH Affordable Housing Task Force, said that while 400 homes are an improvement, the city must fill a deficit of 18,000 affordable housing units.

"If we do nothing, that number will grow by 2030 to over 50,000," Bowers said. "What we continue to press for, that Nashville doesn't have that other peer cities have, is more of a coordinated housing system."

Nashvillians have seen prices go up, and Griffin says he doesn't want to continue seeing that trend.

"That housing, it's definitely needed if you want to keep musicians and artists and things like that," Griffin said.

This $10 million in funding is part of Mayor Cooper's budget plan, which sets aside $37.5 million for affordable housing. The Mayor's Office said construction crews plan to break ground on the developments in August.

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