NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Architects and contractors say Second Avenue will look different starting next week as construction crews get ready to make changes.

Even now, walking down Second Avenue, the décor takes you back to Christmas day, but the street will look different soon.

“It’s going to start looking like a construction zone rather than a crime scene,” says Ron Gobbell with GHP Environment and Architecture Firm.

Gobbell was hired by Mayor Cooper to oversee the rebuild project. Next, week permits will be expedited to move the process along.

“That is to get the structural engineers out there and to get the construction crews there to make these buildings safe, so that they don’t harm persons or adjacent properties,” Metro Code Director William Herbert said.

Right now, people can check out the damage from a chain-linked fence on Second Avenue, but soon, that won’t be possible.

“The purpose of this additional fencing is to keep the sightseers and the tourists out of this area,” Herbert explained.

Repairs will also be done below ground. Metro Water Services says the most significant damage to the sewer pipes is right below the bomb site.

“We believe we will be able to make repairs using a cured-in pipe where a flexible resin-saturated lining is inserted into the existing pipe and they use steam or hard water to harden it," Sonia Allman with Metro Water Services said.

While the Second Avenue damage happened in seconds, architects say repairs will take months, even years, to bring the street back.

Police will be monitoring the area during the day, while additional security guards will be brought in at night.


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