NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Business owners on 2nd Avenue said that they feel forgotten after one month since the Christmas Day bombing. But, a look back in history shows 2nd Avenue has seen tragedy before.

At the one-month mark, it’s clear remains from the 2nd Avenue bombing remain. Bricks and branches in the street from the blast and the Nashville hole in the walls sit with holes through their walls.

“It’s kind of out of sight, out of mind,” Demetrius Kelley, managing partner at Melting Pot and Rodizio Grill, the Brazilian Steakhouse, which sits feet away from the RV bomb site, said. “We’ll get messages from guests asking us to place a to-go order or if we’ll be open in time for Valentine’s Day." 

2nd Avenue is no stranger to lose. Barbara Kurland opened Goodies in 1976. It was a mini-mall with almost 100 tenants. But in 1985, the building went up in flames due to arson.

“It was the prettiest building on this street,” Kurland said. “This gorgeous building was engulfed in flames that were twice the height of the building.”

The old Goodies is now a Premier Parking parking lot. That’s what she doesn’t want the charm of 2nd Avenue to become. As for Rodizio’s, Kelley said the building will be restored with time.

“We’ll get to the process of being able to gut the building and knowing how to start,” Kelley said. “But it’s going to be a long time before it’s back to normal. Could be over a year.”

In the meantime, The Melting Pot has found temporary work for their employees at the Gatlinburg location to maintain income.

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