NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - It’s what you’re handed after getting your first or second dose, a vaccine card showing you’ve got your COVID-19 shot.

Those who have already gotten their vaccination shot feel relieved.

“First day, I was feeling kind of blah, second day I felt better. No problems,” Nashville resident Jack Smith said.

“It certainly adds a level of freedom to your activities, and confidence in going back to almost normal,” Kim Nelson said.

“It’s a good thing to have and do, you know what I’m saying,” James Cothran said.

Now the State Attorney General’s Office and more than 40 other attorney generals across the country are issuing a warning about phony vaccine cards popping up on the internet.

“Either they’re blank or they’re actually filled out. They were being sold for anywhere between $5 and $200,” said Samantha Fisher, Tennessee Attorney General’s Office Director of Communications.

Fisher said they are alerting different places to be on the lookout.

“We sent letters to those online marketplaces like eBay, Twitter, Shopify, also Offer Up, saying ‘Hey this is going on. Please stop it,’” Fisher said.

Officials also said those responsible for doing so could be breaking state and federal laws.

“In some cases, we’re seeing the logos of the Department of Health or the CDC being used,” Fisher said.

If you’re considering buying these cards, those who’ve gotten the shot said consider what you’re doing to your community.

“If they wanna do that, they wanna do what includes infecting other people,” Smith said.

“I think if you get the vaccine, you will get a legitimate card and therefore put all the fake card people out of business,” Nelson said.

“You need to stop. You may be breaking state or federal laws and if you continue doing it, state attorney’s generals are going to come after you,” Fisher said.

News4 asked the Attorney General’s office if they plan to go after the people purchasing the fake vaccination cards. Fisher said they’re concentrating on the online platforms, but if they find out people are buying the fake cards in blank or in bulk, the will press hard on that issue as well.


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