NASHVILLE, TN.- “It takes a long time for a tree to grow,” South Nashville resident Norma B. Caruthers said. 

Caruthers respect for nature is the reason why she hates seeing trees trimmed and in her words, so carelessly. 

"I stopped them from cutting a tree in front of my house, it wasn’t even close to the power line, “Caruthers said. 

Because of this, Caruthers says she’s taking action. “We decided we had enough,” she said. 

Caruthers and several neighbors recently signed a petition, asking Nashville Electric Service to reconsider how they trim trees. They also want the company to improve notification. 

 “If I had to have a tree cut because it had to do with the power line then I would have it cut! But no, we don’t have any problem with that. It’s just the way they’re grooming the trees and they’re killin em,” Caruthers said. 

Larry Buess also signed his name. 

"All they were concerned about , it looks like, was keeping the tree away from the wires,” Buess said. 

On Rural Hill Road in South Nashville, neighbors tell us they can count 7 trees that they feel were poorly trimmed. They hope that by speaking out NES will take their thoughts into consideration.

News 4 reached out to NES for comment. They issued the following statement. 

Postcards are typically mailed to customers 4-6 weeks in advance of upcoming vegetation management work. One to two weeks in advance of work, an automated call is placed to all customers on the circuit to advise them of work in the area. When contract crews arrive to perform work, they are expected to perform a courtesy knock on each door. If the customer is not available, an orange sticky note is left on the door with the tree trimming hotline number. Additional information on tree trimming guidelines can be found at: Residents with questions can call the tree trimming hotline at 615-695-7400.

News 4 also asked for the number of tree trimming complains they've received in the past year. They did not have a number at this time. 

Caruthers says she knows tree trimming is a necessity, she just wants it done with care. 

“I just hope all they need to get a tree surgeon who knows how to cut a tree. And not kill it!! And get it off the power line,” Caruthers said. 

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