FRANKLIN, TN (WSMV) - A simple task of sweeping the floor causes pain in Deborah LeJeune’s back.

“I can’t sweep or mop and I still haven’t finished my injections,” LeJeune said.

Injections she usually gets from Vanderbilt Pain Center.

“I’ve gone to Vanderbilt Pain and Management and I’ve had the shots before and just taken the copay,” LeJeune said.

However, LeJeune claims she ran into problems not long after that.

“Well, I was ready to get shots again and they gave me an option. I could go to the pain management or I could go over to Vanderbilt Bone and Joint,” LeJeune said.

With Vanderbilt Bone and Joint being so close to her Franklin home, she chose the second option. LeJeune said she was told by her officials her co-pay and insurance would take care of it all.

“So, I went in and got the first half of it done and the next day I got a bill of $325,” LeJeune said.

Not wanting a surprise bill again when it came to getting the next set of back injections, LeJeune double-checked, asking officials if she would get billed.

“I asked all of the questions, and the next day I got another bill for $325. That’s $650 that I owed,” said LeJeune. “I was mad. It’s like this isn’t right, them telling me that I wouldn’t be charged all of this and then, all of a sudden, they charged me for it.”

Vanderbilt issued a statement to News4:

“We have reviewed the patient’s history. Without violating HIPAA, as we do not have the patient’s consent to speak specifically to her care, or charges associated with her care, we can offer the following.

“As of June 2019, the Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks facility became a hospital-based clinic facility. As a result, the fee structure for charges for supplied associated with some services changed. Patients were notified of this change via letter and in advance of the change, and there was subsequent media coverage about the clinic’s change to a hospital-based facility.

“We are sorry these charges have created concerns for a patient. For future service this patient and others can ask for an estimate. This patient can reach out to our estimate department at 615-936-6639 or request information through the My Health at Vanderbilt patient web portal." 


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