LEWISBURG, TN (WSMV) - It was supposed to be a simple installation. A brand new countertop in a Midstate woman’s kitchen. But instead, she’s dealing with a damaged floor.

“Had I known this was going to happen, I would’ve left my old countertop in there,” Lewisburg resident Linda Cameron said.

Whenever Cameron turns on her sink, she looks down at her floor in disgust.

“It’s gotten to the point where I think they’re just trying to wear me down, so I just stop completely,” Cameron said.

In July, Cameron said she paid Home Depot more than $2,000 for a brand-new countertop and a sink. She also paid Home Depot $250 for a plumber. Home Depot used the company Stone World TN to do the work.

"Stone World showed up to install the countertop, but they didn't have a plumber with them. And I asked them, I said, 'You don't have a plumber?' They said 'Home Depot didn't send one. I said, 'I paid for one.'"

According to Stone World's sales order, Cameron was told she must wait 24 hours after installation to reconnect her plumbing. The following day, Cameron walked into her kitchen after noticing the floor looked shiny.

"I came in here, and I noticed my feet got all wet," Cameron said.

Cameron opened the cabinet doors and saw the pipe to her sink dripping.

"They never shut the water off all the way. And they had been dripping all night," Cameron said.

News4 asked Cameron if she witnessed the company disconnect her water.

"I didn't see them because I thought they knew what they were doing. But who else would've done it," Cameron said.

Cameron said she called Stone World and Home Depot back. A representative from Home Depot came to her home. She also called a plumber to fix the leak. News4 spoke with plumber David Smith over the phone.

"The cabinets looked fine but, it looks like they could've been more careful with the supply lines," Smith said.

Cameron said she filed a claim with both Home Depot and Stone World, hoping their insurance would pay for the repair to her kitchen floor. But both companies denied her claim.

"Home Depot didn't want to even discuss with me about fixing the floor, nothing," Cameron said.

News4 Investigates called and emailed Home Depot asking for an interview about Cameron's situation for two months, but they refused. Instead, they only said that Cameron's paperwork shows she only selected for a plumber to reconnect her waterline but not disconnect it.

Cameron said she did not hire anyone to disconnect the service before crews arrived.

"No, because I paid Home Depot to hire someone to come and do it for me. They charged me for a plumber," Cameron said.

Stone World also declined an on-camera interview but issued a statement.

"I feel both of them are at fault! They should be responsible for fixing it," Cameron said.

David Smith, the plumber who worked on Cameron's leak, says before and during any significant project inside your home, make sure you document everything.

"Use your smartphone. Take pictures," Smith said. "Before, during, in the middle of. All through it. If somebody screws up, there it is on pictures

Also, Smith said before you agree to any contract, read it over, including the fine print and asking questions.

"It's like reading a credit card application. I mean, the print's small. They leave this out. They leave that out," Smith said. "We're excluding this. We exclude that. So, it's worth your while to take the time to read it. Even if you don't understand it, you may have to call a lawyer."

Cameron said she eventually got a refund for the plumber that she expected to show up. However, her kitchen floor still has water damage.

Damage that'll cost her over $1,400 to fix.

"Home Depot has a statement online that says, 'They stand by their work and if it's not done correctly, they will do everything they can to fix it,'" Cameron said.

Stone World currently has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau's website. To read the business' full profile, click here

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