NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - With the scorching heat, everyone is looking for ways to stay cool.

That's what Dennis Little had in mind when he started looking into installing a swimming pool at his home.

"It's 100 degrees, and we would love to be sitting in a pool," Little said.

Months ago, Little started looking into getting one, but instead of sitting in cool, refreshing water now.

"That's where the pool would be, and we have no pool yet," he said.

Turns out his dreams of a pool have stalled, and he can't understand why.

"On May 23 we actually signed a contract with one of the pool companies here, and we were promised a pool in by July 13," Little said. "The problem is that we haven't been able to get anybody here from the permit department of Davidson County to approve the permit so they could build the pool."

Little said the pool company, Pool and Spa Depot, informed him they have tried, but they can't get Metro Codes to give them a swift answer. He said his issue is not with the pool company. He wants to know what is taking Metro Codes so long.

"I have no frustration, no problems. They have assigned a person, trying to get the permits, and my understanding is they're having trouble out of Davidson County and also out of Brentwood," Little said. "I'm just one little character. I'm wondering whether the people that had tornado work, and any type of work that has been done, whether or not they're having the same problem I'm having."

News4 contacted Metro Codes to find out information about Little's pool delay and to hopefully fix his problem.

In a statement to News4, Metro Codes replied:

"That permit application was processed in the order it was received. That’s the case with all building permits, whether they be for pools, home additions, office renovations, or new hotels. This permit application was initiated and processed on July 13. Metro Codes has completed all its reviews and approvals. The application still has two or three other sign offs to obtain before the permit will be ready for issuance.

"As we discussed, lines are long during COVID. The entire staff of the Metro Codes Department continues to work diligently to process all permit applications, revise and streamline the online application process, and maintain its emphasis on thorough reviews and diligent application of the Metro Zoning Code as passed by Metro Council."

Little said he understands they probably have a lot going on. All he wants is an estimated time frame on when he can splash away in his backyard.

"With all the virus stuff, people haven't been able to travel, they haven't been able to go out and that's how we have been technically ourselves," Little said. "We want to do something in our backyard in the privacy of our own home and be able to enjoy the time with what family we do have in the area."


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