NASHVILLE, TN.- 65 year old Marsha Scott has no choice but to take mammograms seriously.

“I have a history, a family history of breast cancer so I’ve been getting mammograms since I was 35,” Scott said.

Scott gets it so regularly at Tennessee Women’s Care PC, she was surprised when something unusual happened last year.

“I called back in October of this past year. To schedule my yearly appointment, got an appointment scheduled and then when that time came for my appointment--they called and told me they needed to reschedule it,” Scott said.

Scott says it kept getting rescheduled over and over. She says she was told their mammography machine was broken. Then to find another facility all together.

“I was not given any reason,” Scott said.

The FDA recently announced Tennessee Women’s Care P.C.’s annual inspections showed required tests were not performed from November 2019-August 2020.

According to the FDA, Tennessee Women’s Care P.C. did not meet the standards under the Mammography Quality Standards Act and that the facility may not legally perform a mammography at this time, because it does not have an active certificate.

It’s not the first time News4 Investigates has reported complaints about the clinic, including patients not getting refunds for the billing issues.

Tennessee Women’s Care P.C. declined an on-camera interview. An attorney representing the company sent us a statement saying:

“Tennessee Women’s Breast Center voluntarily closed for reasons unrelated to the FDA’s annual audit in September 2020 and has not performed mammography since that date. While we do not believe that patient care was compromised in any way, patients should feel free to contact us with any concerns.”

But the FDA says Tennessee Women’s Care P.C. never complied with their requests when they asked for clinical images and documents, needed to conduct mammograms. That’s what led to the facility’s accreditation being taken away.

“You try your best to stay healthy and you do all the things your doctors tell you to do, but then something like that happens. And you’re not able to get the records! That you are needed to take to a different facility. It’s very frustrating,” Scott said.

Scott says when she went to another clinic her issues flowed into her new place. Tennessee Women’s Care P.C. sent her a written copy of her results, but not the film, which is what you need to compare mammograms.

The FDC says if you have any questions, please contact Mammography Quality Standards Act Hotline by phone 1-800-838-7715, email: or fax: 1-443-285-0689. For the FDA's full article, click here.

Tennessee Women’s Care released a statement on the recent FDA press release.

News 4 previously reported on customers dealing with multiple issues regarding refunds at Tennessee Women's Care. 

"It's not your money to keep" Mother upset over health care provider not refunding her nearly $2,000 

Father plans to sue Tennessee Women’s Care over billing, refund issues

News4 reached out to Tennessee Women's Care P.C. for a response to the FDA's memo. We are waiting to hear back. 

The FDC says if you have any questions, please contact Mammography Quality Standards Act Hotline by phone 1-800-838-7715, email: or fax: 1-443-285-0689. For the FDA's full article, click here. is now with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and video, 4WARN weather forecast, weather radar, special investigative reports, sports headlines and much more from News4 Nashville.

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