NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - When life throws obstacles at Amber Grant and her boyfriend Terrell Jones, they face it together.

“We actually met at a blindness convention in 2007. And lost touch for a number of years and reconnected on a blindness community call. So, that’s how we met,” Jones said.

They know what it takes to persevere. A recent banking issue was no exception.

“I wish that this would be resolved,” Grant said. ‘

News 4 first spoke with Grant two weeks ago. She says her autopay with Nashville Electric Service stopped working. She says NES notified her that something was wrong with her account.

“It said that the reason that it was closed was due to nonpayment. It has returned, like my bank rejected it,” Grant said.

She kept trying to find solutions, but wasn’t getting anywhere.

Jones and Grant kept trying to find solutions, but they weren’t getting anywhere. They worried what would happen next? To them, no autopay, meant no payment. No electricity. No power.

“Pretty much everything in our apartment runs on electric, so, to be able to--cook and clean and everything,” Jones said.

And a simple setup like autopay means less hassle.

“You could theoretically take the cash, put it in the mail, but I mean, even that is a pain in the neck because you know, the cash--is it going to be there--is it not going to be there. And then you have to figure out, okay, when I got to this building, where am I going to drop it off if I can’t mail it,” Grant said.

So News4 Investigates sent a quick email to NES to figure out what’s going on. A representative instantly contacted us back, saying they’ll work immediately to find the problem. News 4 got an email stating that Grant’s bank account information on her profile was incorrect.

Once again, Grant told her bank.

“When they entered it in they were like, oh yeah, the person who gave you that other number, gave you that number incorrectly. And that’s why it wasn’t working,” Grant said.

After this, NES had Grant contact their customer service Vice Department to make sure things were properly set up. Within 3 days, Grant’s autopay is good to go.

“We appreciate everything you’ve done, we really do. But it’s sad though that it had to get to this, to have some action taken,” Jones said.

A simple fix, that lifts one headache from their lives.

News 4 did contact Grant’s bank. They informed us that everything looks fine on their end right now and they did reach out to Grant to make sure things were squared away.

NES says customers occasionally make errors entering their bank information on their profile. Usually with the wrong number or two.

News4 also asked if they hear from a lot of customers with disabilities, like Grant, who’ve run into major issues. They told us no, and that Grant’s situation is rare. is now with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and video, 4WARN weather forecast, weather radar, special investigative reports, sports headlines and much more from News4 Nashville.

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